Gathering 2004 

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2004 Gathering

These photos of the Englehorn family gathering were taken by Jim Schrempp. If you would like a higher resolution copy of any, contact me:  jschrempp AT


Ben Schrempp, Lynn Englehorn James Crow, Jim Englehorn, Lee Crow


Sister Sylvia Bartheld, Angela Mallett Eileen Schrempp, Fran Orput, Sandi Englehorn share a laugh.


Peggy Jukkala, Jim Englehorn, Mary White, Tara (Jukkala) Tucker Marna Millard with La Von, and Craig Orput and their two children and Craig's mother Fran Orput waiting for the paddle wheeler cruise.


Jim and Marilyn Lawrence owners and creative force of Roger and LaVonne Englehorn


Jim and Lynn Englehorn looking mischievous. ... add Sylvia and Darrell Russell (two of our organizers for 2004 - thanks!)


Lee and Lin Crow, Sylvia and Darrell Russell,  Jim Englehorn aboard the stern wheeler Meg and Gary Englehorn, Marilyn Lawrence, Susan Crow


Sandi Englehorn and grandson, Henri The family dinner was a huge success. Following are a few shots of the tables.


Tara Tucker, Jerry and Peggy Jukkala, Susan and 
James Crow,  Lee Crow, Mary White (back to camera)




Steve Englehorn thanking our two volunteer organizers for 2006, 
Roger and Jim Englehorn.
Wayne Englehorn, Lloyd Englehorn, Sylvia Russell, Ben Schrempp, Steve Englehorn, Joan (Crow) Lathrop


Craig and Fran Orput consult with Jim Englehorn while Elinor looks on. Schrempps and Orputs having breakfast.


Back row: Jim Schrempp, Ben Schrempp, Craig Orput

Second Row: Angela Mallett, Eileen Schrempp, La Von Orput, Gwen Schrempp, Mike Schrempp

Sitting: Fran Orput and her grand kids (who are not camera shy)




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