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At the 2000 reunion many of us thought it would be good to have a directory of all the living Engelhorn descendents we know. I will only list people who specifically ask to be listed here. Because some unsavory companies scan web sites for email addresses and then send you tons of unsolicited email advertising, the email addresses here a little funny. You'll see that each email address has a ZZZ in it. To use the email address just remove the ZZZ. (If you see your name here and don't want to be listed, drop me an email and I'll get it off toot-sweet!)

If you'd like to get on this page, email me.

We also have a private invitation-only group on Facebook for the extended family. If you want to join it, just ask one of the family members you know on Facebook, or send me a message.

-Jim Schrempp, site webmaster

Thomas Line

Name Contact Notes
Jim and June Englehorn the family genealogist
Peter Marrier and Kim O'Grady Canada
2002 reunion co-chair
Susan Marrier Canada


Jacob Line

Name Contact Notes


Mathias Line

Name Contact  Notes
Jim Schrempp Lives near San Francisco. Works in software. His web site.


John Line

Name Contact Notes


Peter Line

Name Contact Notes
Roger and Lavonne Englehorn North Mankato, MN


Other Folks, Unknown Connection to the Family Tree

Name Contact Notes
Steve and Fern Engelhorn Morning DJ in Findlay, OH
Teacher, Wynford Elementary in Bucyrus, OH
Waltraud Leyla (Engelhorn) Warren Guest Ranch & American Quarter Horse Breeder
Bernd Engelhorn


Other Collateral Family Names

Family Name Contact Web Link
Gruber Glenn Van Vliet

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