Engelhorn Reunion 2008

Here are some photos of attendees at the 2008 Engelhorn family gathering at Branson, Missouri

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Group Photos


Everyone starts showing up and getting reacquainted.


Signing up for activities.



Michael Englehorn, photographer.



A dinner of bratwurst using Gary's special recipe and great certified Angus beef. We had plenty of time to chat while the brats were cooking.

Blu cookin' up a storm.

Oh, those brats look great.



Some outside seating.

And some indoor seating.

The brats are.... DONE!


It was Michael's 17th birthday.

Whew, looks like it all went well.



The next night it was more certified Angus beef from Anniblu Farms, this time sliced thin and tender.






The group room was open all day and late into the evenings. We often gathered there to chat and make plans.


In our short family meeting, Gary presided and the Wiggers announced that they would host the 2010 gathering in Springfield, Illinois. Thanks!  


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